How it works

How does this work?
We are a "Multi-Restaurant Delivery Service". You don't have to settle for "just pizza" anymore – you have choices!   As a partner with your favorite local restaurants, The local Restaurants prepare the quality food you love for us to pick up and deliver to you. So, all you do is give us a call (or, order on the internet where available), sit back and relax, and we take care of the rest!   Call It In Unlisted restaurants are available for delivery, just not currently available for online ordering. If you would liike to order from a restaurant not listed on this site, you may call the order in at (0844) 357-3750  during our delivery hours. Be sure to know what you want to order before calling it in, as we may or may not have menus on hand for certain unlisted restaurants.

When are you open? Typically, Food Taxi will be open Monday to Friday (11am -10pm) To serve you best, our orderline is open from 11am in the morning to take your "Lunch Reservations".   What does it cost? We charge £4.99 - £9.99 for delivery of all Orders. Most of our customers are repeat, loyal customers who value convenience for a small delivery fee, when compared to the hassles of driving to the restaurant, checking and picking up their meals, and driving back!   What about a tip for the delivery driver? Consider your Driver a "Mobile Waiter." While Drivers do receive a portion of the delivery fee to cover their car expenses, the majority of their net earnings comes from your tips. They work hard to serve you best. A gratuity comparable to what you would tip inside a restaurant is very much appreciated!   Which restaurants can I order from? Restaurants are available according to your delivery area, so that the highest food quality and reasonable delivery time is ensured. Call your local Food Taxi for specifics.   How long does it take for delivery? Generally, it takes between 45 minutes and 1 Hour for delivery for most Residential Dinner deliveries, while most Business Lunch deliveries are scheduled on a reservation basis. Of course, even our best estimates of delivery time are dependent on food preparation times at the restaurant, time of day, distance to travel, weather conditions and size of order. Particularly for large luncheon orders, it is best to call in advance – even a day ahead – to ensure your meals are delivered when needed.   Is everything available from the restaurant? Some items may not be available for delivery because of their limited availability or because they do not travel well.   What about drinks? Each delivery service normally offers soda and other drinks from their house menu.   Can I cancel my order? Once an order has been started by the restaurant it can not be cancelled, since Food Taxi has committed to buy the food for you at the restaurant.